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JMC Software AG

We develop and reflect your solutions from an internal and external customer viewpoint.

We see ourselves as a partner of our customers and always strive for optimal solutions. Innovation is the driving force behind our success. Our high technical competence combined with a sound knowledge of the IT market provides security for our partners and makes us strong for future requirements.


We develop software for your individual needs.

Professional software development, the development of mobile apps, database programming and the creation of reports / evaluations of complex business processes are our core competences in engineering. The development and operation of JMC is based to 100% in Switzerland.

We realize custom-made software tailored to your needs. Using the agile methodology, we translate your requirements into a profitable solution.


We support you and operate your individual IT environment.

We provide comprehensive expertise, innovative support methods and dedicated customer orientation. With our flexible offers to optimize the operation of your IT infrastructure, we provide a smooth service. We help you set up and manage your IT infrastructure and provide you with a secure and resilient IT infrastructure.

The broad and flexible range of service options provides the ideal IT solution for every company - small or large, local or global. All support programs can be combined and tailored to your individual IT needs.

Unique and innovative

Our JMC products

Shipping Management System (RMS)

A software application for smooth resource management and optimal route planning.

JMC Secure File Portal

Professional real-time communication solution for the internal and external transmission of confidential data.

JMC keyAdmin

An easy-to-understand software application for the central management of keys of every kind in a fast, convenient and professional manner.


E-Commerce Services

As a software and e-commerce specialist, we develop your digital strategy, design and implement your individual e-commerce solutions. We also completely support you in shop management right up to the right hosting solutions.



E-Commerce Hosting

Short loading times, attractive product presentations, mobile-friendly websites, highly secure payment - that's what your customers expect. As the leading swiss provider of managed e-commerce services, we are your partner from the initial idea to the finished hosting solution.


Results of our E-Commerce Solutions


E-Commerce Sales per year (million)

More than 50 million swiss francs are generated every year with our e-commerce solutions.



Our customers rely on our operation and support for more than 300,000 product variants.

Virtual Servers

Our customers rely on our 3 high-performance datacenter locations in Switzerland with over 200 virtual servers.

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You can reach us by telephone on the number +41 41 799 02 20. We are here for you.