Apprenticeships at JMC

Apprenticeships at JMC

For years, the IT industry has seen a shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland and worldwide. Alongside vocational colleges and universities, the industry itself is also responsible for actively combating the shortage. This is why JMC Software advocates educational training in the field and offers two apprenticeships as well as an internship every year. The new apprentices gave us an insight into their work experience.

Apprenticeship as IT Specialist in Platform Development

Finn has been training as an IT specialist with us for almost four months now. During this time, he has already learned many new things. He particularly enjoys building a server as he can learn about the structure and function of the individual elements. This is of course a demanding undertaking at the very beginning, but supervisors are always on hand to answer questions and show him what to look out for.

The following aspects are also included in the job description of an IT Specialist in Platform Development: planning and operating server systems, planning and monitoring local networks, ensuring the security and availability of systems and services as well as the performance and security of the network.

The apprenticeship as an IT specialist lasts four years. In addition to on-the-job training, students must attend vocational college two days a week and participate in external courses for 35 days over the course of the four years. If you have particularly good grades at school, you can also complete the vocational baccalaureate during your apprenticeship. With this, it is possible to study at a university of applied sciences.

Apprenticeship in business administration

Daniel feels very comfortable in his commercial apprenticeship. Most of his work is on the computer but distributing incoming mail and sending letters and packages is also part of his first-year apprenticeship. Even the employees' well-being depends on him. His job is to provide our break room with fresh snacks and drinks.

An EFZ commercial apprenticeship is an ideal foundation for a future career. In the three years of the apprenticeship, students learn everyday office skills. This may be through contact with customers or internally. Organisational and technological skills in the modern professional world are just as important as working out structures and processes. Attending vocational college and external courses is also part of the training.

Because business administration is such a broad field, doors are open to a wide variety of industries later in one's professional life.

Internship as a Software Developer

Muzaffer attended the computer science secondary school and successfully completed the mandatory internship with us needed for graduation. Now he is considered a junior developer and has an internship with us to help him start his career. He is an important support for our development team. He can sharpen his skills in various projects and is also involved in numerous meetings.

Such an internship is an excellent way to gain further professional experience after the apprenticeship.

In the following self-made video, our apprentices reveal what their apprenticeship at JMC looks like.

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