Dataspace Switzerland: We are there!

Dataspace Switzerland - Everyone is talking about digital sovereignty - a lofty wish or soon a new reality?

Freedom, self-determination, autonomy - are these achievements, which had to be wrested from history, threatening to fall victim to the digital imperialism of Silicon Valley? A question that was still circulating in intellectual circles years ago has now become a hard reality. More and more people are saying that measures need to be taken.

What digital sovereignty exactly means and how it can be implemented in concrete terms, you will learn at the next event in the series "Dataspace Switzerland".

With the label "swiss hosting", we are taking a clear stand: at JMC, data remains in Switzerland, as does control over it.

JMC is pleased to support the second edition of Dataspace Switzerland as a partner.

Swiss Cloud - Data security in Switzerland

Due to the increasing threat of cyber security, it is necessary for Switzerland to have an independent digital infrastructure, especially in cloud services. The Security Policy Committee of the National Council (SiK-N) is calling for a change of direction for the "Swiss Cloud".

Thursday, 09.12.2021, Online, 15:30 - 18:00

«swiss hosting» heisst Datensouveränität: wir stehen dahinter und freuen uns, wenn wir auch dich am Event antreffen.

Is your company secure?

Hackers increasingly exploited security holes and vulnerabilities in SMEs. This year, Acer fell victim! The ransomware gang called Revil, hackers were able to successfully penetrate Microsoft Exchange and thus interfere with Acer's system. The hackers demanded a ransom of $50 million.

Want to learn how to protect yourself?

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Swiss Label recommends the DaaS solution from JMC
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