JMC at the Digitalday of Central Switzerland


The second Digitalday of Central Switzerland took place on the 20th of October and the JMC joined there again - as a sponsor, as well as a participant. The aim was for a wide variety of participants from business, education and the public sector to educate each other, inspire each other about the latest topics and changes and discuss controversial issues and uncertainties.

Learning directly from Swiss luminaries of digitization

At three exciting keynotes by Swiss experts in digitization, we received the latest insights and exciting suggestions on the topics of metaverse, innovation promotion and agile working, as well as interesting new ways of thinking.

Dominik Lämmler, Agency & Ecosystem Partner of Meta Switzerland, explained the latest insights and future visions in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality. He shared the Meta's future visions of semi-virtual meetings and the numerous possibilities of Augmented Reality in the field of recreational sports, cultural events and games.

Leila Summa, who has worked for tech giants such as Facebook and Xing and is currently CEO of Play to Change GmbH, gave us an insight into how leading technology companies approach innovation development. Central importance lies in the well-known term "think Big". Because whether the goal is to improve a process by 10% or 10 times has an enormous impact on the fundamental thinking and the approach to the project. Furthermore, the mindset of ever being able to complete a process must be discarded and it must be recognized that only 1% of progress has ever been achieved and that there is always enormous potential for growth.

Last but not least, Martin Mosler, scientist and head of department at the Institute for Swiss Economic Policy, explained, what kind of ways of thinking and behaving influence our success in our everyday life. For example, regular exercise and raising the arms for ten seconds once a day have a significant influence on serotonin levels and demonstrable success in everyday life.

Further impressions of the Digital Day

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