How to optimise your website (SEO)

How to optimise your website (SEO) - Benefit from our tips and tricks.

For a company, having a website is a must, and it's hard to imagine life today without one. But how exactly does one ensure that their website doesn't get lost in the crowd? Search engines like Google or Bing are not only helpful but essential for every company and equally as important for private individuals. But for users to actually find your company, more than just a website is needed - one needs an optimised website, or in other words: SEO.

Google's dominance

There are a variety of search engines out there. And Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, and Yahoo all have the right to exist. But for decades, at least in the western hemisphere, there has been one clear market leader: Google. The giant from California has dominated around 90 % of the Swiss market for years. Although Bing, at number two, has gained some ground in recent years and months, it is still far behind at around 6.5 %. The remaining competitors weigh in at somewhere around one per cent of the market share. But where does Google's enormous power come from? The answer is clear: Google simply offers the best search results. It's the basic reason why almost everyone uses this powerful search engine. It's fast and precise and you can find exactly what you're looking for.

How do I use Google

In order to arrive at the desired search results quickly, you have to consider the keywords. What do I search for? How do I search? Which search terms do I enter? With this knowledge (the user's search intentions), one can even optimise one's website. Every company can influence the quality of the search results with its website - provided one knows how to use the website's potential. There is a golden rule: a company needs to optimise its website for the user and the user's benefit. This sounds obvious at first, but the effects are significant. A company has an inner perspective which is automatically reflected on its website. Therefore, a thorough analysis of the search terms, so-called keywords, is essential. Of course, users may use other terms or queries than the company does about the services or products offered, but an analysis can show the company what exactly potential customers are looking for and how to help solve their problems. The Google algorithm then recognises which page is most relevant to the user. This is then how the ranking is created.

Of course, not only the text on the website is relevant. Numerous aspects play a role in its ranking. These include page speed, internal and external links, meta descriptions and headline settings, as well as readability for visually impaired users. Various other factors can or should be implemented to achieve an optimally search engine-optimised website. But this involves considerable effort on the company's part. Today, countless service providers specialise in SEO. We would be happy to recommend an appropriate service provider to you. Feel free to contact us.

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