Career opportunities at JMC

Career opportunities at JMC

JMC is constantly growing - this holds a lot of potential, also for our employees. They have the opportunity to grow with the company and to take on more and more tasks and responsibilities in the long term.

Active promotion and further training of our employees

Thanks to flat hierarchies, the responsibility and independence of our employees are strengthened. Thus, the competences of each individual are promoted day by day. In addition to this, JMC not only supports external training and further education, but also provides internal opportunities for the continuous growth of knowledge. For example, our "Development" department, holds a dev knowledge sharing session each month, where employees can exchange newly learned knowledge and answer each other's questions, whereas our "Systems Engineering" department has its own test lab, in which new ideas and therories can tested for their accuracy.

Because of our short decision-making paths, JMC employees can actively help shape the company's technological development and support future steps.

Career Short Story: Alexander Steiner

Hello, I'm Alex and I've been working at JMC since March 1, 2021.

Originally, I completed an apprenticeship as a merchant at the Schwyzer Kantonalbank and then worked as a customer advisor. Since I was fascinated by the IT sector, I decided to study IT at FH in Rapperswil. I was able to successfully complete it in the summer of 2021.

After my bachelor studies I was looking for a job as a developer to gain work experience in this field. JMC piqued my interest at that time, as I was particularly interested in developing web applications and individual software. In addition, I found it very interesting that JMC has an in-house technical department that can directly host its own solutions. Even back then, I always wanted to be able to take on more responsibility later on. I didn't expect that this step would come sooner than planned.

My first impression of JMC was, that they consisted of a young and dynamic team, which exchanges in a very collegial way across all hierarchical levels. What I like most about the JMC employment conditions is that we have the opportunity to work from Home, so that we can flexibly decide on our own working hours as well as the free snacks that they offer in the office. What I particularly like about my work here is that you can work very independently and are given the opportunity to take on more responsibility very early on, if you want to. For example, 5 months ago I was already able to take on the position as the project manager and thus became part of the JMC squad. Developing custom software still excites me. The customer cases are really thrilling and thanks to the constant new challenges, my workday never gets monotonous or boring. In addition, JMC is very open to new technologies and we as employees are constantly given time to try and discover new things.

As my next career step, I will complete an MAS in Business Analysis alongside my job, which will give me the opportunity to apply and consolidate newly learned knowledge in my everyday practice. I think that my career at JMC is far from over and I am looking forward to everything that is yet to come.

JMC Software AG
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