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Security gaps and vulnerabilities in SMEs


Hackers increasingly exploited security holes and vulnerabilities in SMEs. Recently, Acer fell victim! The ransomware gang called Revil, hackers were able to successfully penetrate Microsoft Exchange and thus interfere with Acer's system. The hackers demanded a ransom of $50 million.
What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a malicious program used by intruders to prevent access or use of data and the entire computer system. In the process, private data on a foreign computer is encrypted in order to demand a "ransom" for decryption or release.

How does ransomware make itself felt?

The first thing that the user notices about the ransomware is usually the blocked screen or the ransom note, which cannot be closed anymore.

It also happens that data can no longer be opened because it has been taken hostage - the file extensions are changed. (Example: vvv)

Some ransomware variants have an incubation period. This means that the damaging effect only occurs once the user can no longer remember when and where he may have caught an extortion Trojan.

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What are the types of ransomware?
In principle, there are several types of ransomware:
  • Screenlocker and File Encrypter.
  • Screenlockers lock the screen
  • File encryptors encrypt the data on the computer and take photos, text files and important folders hostage.

 How do you catch ransomware?

Their distribution channels hardly differ from other malware: Often, they get in via a manipulated website, a link from a spam email or a message via a social network. Sometimes the perpetrators also send emails that contain a supposed reminder or delivery bill. In reality, however, the attached file does not contain any important information, but malicious code.

Measures after a successful attack

In case of infection, we recommend immediate network disconnection of your computer. Reinstalling the system and changing all passwords is another necessary step. After successful computer cleanup, any backup data can also be restored. If there is no backup of the data, it is recommended to keep the encrypted data and back it up. Later, you can decrypt them if a solution is found. Ignore ransomware. If you pay, it will strengthen criminal infrastructures and allow criminals to extort more victims. Besides, there is no guarantee that you will get the decrypted data back.

Browser protection

Moreover, browser protection is useful to protect you from dangerous scripts and accidental download of malicious files.

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