JMC as an employer

JMC as an employer

Be it socially, financially or in terms of personal health, an employer has a great deal of responsibility. At JMC Software AG, our awareness of such responsibility is what motivates us to create the best possible environment for our employees.

You reap what you sow

There is a lot of truth in this everyday saying. As an employer, you are always dealing with people. And as humans, we always try to get the best out of our personal situation. For example, creating a competitive environment as an employer leaves only those employees who either thrive in such an environment or those who exploit it for personal gain. A highly monitored environment automatically makes employees feel uncomfortable and they will find ways to avoid being policed. If only the key figures count, other aspects are neglected. It's a never-ending story of examples.

For each of us, there are a range of factors we consider to be important. And since we have to work with different people depending on the job, it is very important to provide a productive and pleasant environment for each employee. This means listening to the needs and concerns of the team and being open to new ideas.

What JMC offers its employees

JMC Software AG has not only been recognized as a Top Company by Kununu, but has also been awarded the title of Leading Employer for the last two years. Of course, we didn't achieve this overnight, but with years of work and experience.

In concrete terms, this means that we guarantee our employees many opportunities for personal and professional development. This ensures a happy team that enjoys being involved and is also happy to give back from time to time. We offer flexible working hours and part-time models, two days of home office per week, 25 days of vacation (at 100%), employee events, drinks and snacks, a modern infrastructure, a break room with various games and activities and much more. Support with external training and further education is also a crucial factor, as the whole company therefore benefits from the growing know-how.

All these goodies are of little use, however, if the company atmosphere is bad. Which is why we have flat hierarchies, encourage personal responsibility and communicate with all employees on an eye-to-eye level. José Lopez, CEO of JMC, puts it this way: "At JMC Software, we always put our employees first. As a result, we enjoy strong team cohesion and a low turnover rate. We always give 100% to ensure a pleasant and modern working environment for our employees. It's important for us to motivate our team while offering more than just a great place to work."

What JMC offers its employees

We are currently looking for a Senior System Engineer as well as a C# Architect/Senior Developer. What are you waiting for? Send us your application today! Are you interested in JMC as an employer, but in a different position? Then visit our career page regularly to find out about our open positions.

JMC Software AG
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