JMC SecureFile Portal

Swisscom discontinues Docsafe at the end of June 2021.
No need to worry.
JMC has the perfect solution for you!

Organize your life and get on with work - all in one central place.

With JMC SecureFile Portal, you'll always have secure access to all your files, so you can share what you're doing with friends, family and colleagues on any device.

What can the JMC SecureFile Portal do?

  • With JMC SecureFile Protal you have a data storage (archiving) with folders. So you have the full overview.
  • Data security and without cloud act for the customer


With JMC SecureFile Portal, your documents are stored individually encrypted in a secure location in our Swiss data centers. The same security standards are used as for banking systems. In addition, the connection between your device (computer/laptop, smartphone/tablet) and Docsafe is encrypted.

Offer for you! 

Take advantage now of 25% anniversary discount (25 years of JMC = 25% discount) on the first year if you sign up by 31.07.2021!

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