Modern and location-independent working

Modern & location-independent working

New opportunities always give rise to new needs. Which in turn means that expectations change as well. This applies to both our private life and the professional environment. Initially, technical innovations brought new opportunities especially for employers. This led to constant new demands on employees. However, with the new possibilities and increased connectivity, their needs have also changed..

More flexibility for everyone

For many companies, constant availability has obvious advantages. One can react quickly and flexibly to new situations and requests. After all, in the economic world, a fast response time has always been an important advantage. On the other hand, for employees this means that they can be reached anytime and anywhere. Which in recent years, frequently led to mental overload. Topics such as "mobile fasting" and even laws against constant accessibility have suddenly become more and more common.

But change rarely only moves in one direction. For many, the increased flexibility has led to new needs. Remote work or even digital nomadism suddenly became a possibility, from anywhere in the world. One could do virtually any task with a laptop - at least wherever there is internet, which is almost everywhere. This resulted in odd pictures of people working on a lounge chair on the beach. In hotels and flats, a decent free WLAN is now a mandatory requirement.

Obviously, this form of location-independent working is not a suitable option for every profession or every employee. The concept has nevertheless been an inspiration of new ideas. Home office was suddenly not just an option, but during the Covid-19 pandemic, even became normality. Companies that had previously been reluctant to invest in remote work had to quickly reconsider. Most employees have returned to the office now that the pandemic is over, but the so-called "hybrid" form of work has clearly gained in popularity. Hybrid meaning "working partly from the office and partly from home or elsewhere".

Partially working on the road makes going on holiday much more flexible. Or the option of working from home first thing in the morning and only going to the office after rush hour not only relieves the burden on commuters, but also reduces traffic jams. There are numerous advantages, be it in office space planning or sick leave. Hybrid working also creates opportunities for a more meaningful work-life balance, which results in a more balanced work environment and many benefits for the company and overall public health. One can could say that it's a win-win situation for both employees, employers, and for society as a whole.

What does one need for a hybrid working environment?

Creating a hybrid work environment does not happen overnight. Thorough planning is needed on a technical basis, with tools for communication and cloud-based project management. Intelligent resource planning on an organisational level is equally important. There needs to be clear guidelines on what options there are for employees to work in a hybrid environment. Additionally, care must be taken to ensure that there is a degree of flexibility optimally geared to the operations of the company. The employee's reachability is also part of this. The aim, as always, is to create an improvement for the team as well as the individual - otherwise the workforce would not accept a new model.

As you can see, there is no magic formula to fit every company when it comes to hybrid working. A company has to find the ideal form to best suit its needs. This also involves constant learning. However, if the change to modern working is approached seriously and ideally, in cooperation with an experienced partner such as JMC Software AG, everyone stands to benefit in the end. Are you interested in hybrid working and would like to get to know our products and solutions? You can find them here:

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