JMC Software AG – We’ve arrived in our new office premises!

For some people, it is not uncommon to spend more time at work than at home. Which is why, your office should be a comfortable space where you can express your creativity freely. Having enough elbowroom also brings with it a number of pleasant plus points. So, for us it was clear, it was time to expand our premises and make room for new things.

Healthy growth that inspires change.

It's great when a company grows and can as a result take on additional staff - especially during a global pandemic. But growth also changes the demands on a company. Besides needing adjustments in organisational areas such as communication and the optimisation of processes, a company's need for more space also becomes an unavoidable issue. Despite modern virtual workplaces, shared workspaces and home office, we needed room in the office so that we could work more efficiently and focused. The search for new office space began and we quickly agreed that we wanted to stay in the area - after all, our support team's move from Nottwil to Rotkreuz was only recent. Back in 2019, we assumed that the new premises in Rotkreuz would certainly be enough. Far from it! Our growth "forced" us to put out our feelers and find an even bigger space.

Space to work - space for innovation.

As luck would have it, an unbelievable and very convenient opportunity arose: another commercial space became available, just one floor above our office! Just waiting for us to move in. After having a look, we knew it was the right place. The additional floor fit our needs perfectly. With this functional space, not only did all our software engineering employees have enough room, but areas for meetings, breaks and short discussions could also be created. The newly furnished conference room is optimally equipped for all types of meetings and now has all the technical requirements that make up a modern conference room. Now larger meetings and training sessions can be held in an attractive setting. The projector and screen provide the desired WOW factor for presentations and allowing them to be carried out professionally. In addition, we now have a small meeting room for smaller groups to hold shorter, active meetings at standing tables. This adaptable way of working means that nothing stands in the way of new ideas. We've discovered our own personal luxury.

With us you are more than just welcome.

Our new office doesn't just offer cool, features for our employees. Our visitors can now be warmly welcomed in the new, friendly entrance area. Our reception is the first point of contact for all visitors and offers an inviting atmosphere to initially get to know us in. Arrived too early? No problem. Our seating lounge opposite the reception area offers a comfortable waiting area.

Last but not least, our creative and break room deserves a mention as a particularly interesting space in the new office. Here there is space for our staff to relax and take a well-deserved break. Whether it's a snack, lunch, or coffee break, the recreation room is a place for everyone to come together. If our employees need to jump start their concentration, there are plenty of ways for them to recharge their batteries: Darts, a foosball table and game consoles are available at any time. A great way to get rid of excess energy, have fun and de-stress. Because the physical and mental well-being of our employees is important to us - there is a wide selection of snacks and drinks available for free. A small contribution to boosting motivation and increasing work-life balance.

In a nutshell: Our new offices are great and tons of fun! Come visit us and be inspired by our new premises and our finest coffee creations.

We look forward to seeing you!

JMC Software AG
Riedstrasse 1, 6343 Rotkreuz | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | | 041 799 02 20

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