RMS - the clever Shipping Line Management System

RMS - the clever Shipping Company Management System

The tedious process of collecting data from navigation companies is not only time-consuming, but also involves the risk of making mistakes and thus generating additional costs. Thanks to intuitive software solutions, ship captains can increase their productivity with new opportunities such as the RMS from JMC Software.

Gear up for digital transformation with an electronic logbook

The daily operations of the navigational crew should be continuously optimized and processes simplified as much as possible. In times of staff shortages, increasing efficiency has never been more important, and the use of new working methods and techniques is essential for a smooth workflow. Because every process is already digitalized - or at least in the process of being digitalized - navigational companies need to optimize their operations and implement new work processes using modern software solutions. This includes, among other things, the introduction of an electronic logbook, which can lead to increased motivation among the crew and therefore boost job satisfaction. A point that also - or above all - benefits the passengers. After all, satisfied staff exude a sense of security and enjoyment.

The benefits of an electronic logbook - and more

RMS is a unique resource management tool. Not only can passenger ship routing be optimized using the electronic logbook, but countless work processes that occur in the port and on the ship can also be easily maneuvered. For example, operational malfunctions (e.g. an engine failure) can be recorded easily and digitally, transferring the messages directly to port staff so that they can quickly and effectively initiate the necessary corrective procedures. In addition, the software provides a reliable interface to the material system and a practical, mobile board book, which can be used as an electronic logbook. In particular, RMS can be used both online and offline and thus provides great added value at various levels. Thanks to RMS, you get a clear overview of all route documentation, data, driving times and are even informed about any special incidents. This tool greatly simplifies your work on the water.

A "Swiss army knife" for shipping companies

Would you like to avoid using an individual tool for each area of application and risk losing yourself and your team in the software jungle? If so, then we can put your mind at ease. RMS not only helps you work more efficiently, it also gives you control over your staff planning. Besides creating and managing deployment schedules, all employee data is also recorded and maintained in RMS. This allows you to plan your team and work schedules easily, with an improved overview of all recorded working hours, and additionally create and manage professional certificates and driver's license categories. A software solution for navigational companies that strive for excellence and want one tool for multiple areas of operation..

RMS - have we caught your attention?

Then contact us today. Our RMS consulting team looks forward to sharing more about our Shipping Company Management System and introducing you to its other benefits. You can also download our brochure here. We hope you enjoy reading it. Smooth sailing and see you soon!

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