The future of e-commerce starts today

The future of e-commerce starts today

In collaboration with JMC Software AG, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is conducting research into current and future developments within the field of e-commerce. Which is why, it has set up the E-Commerce Lab as its centre of expertise.

What is the purpose of the E-Commerce Lab?

The E-Commerce Lab is considered to be the leading Swiss centre of expertise for digital sales and e-commerce. In addition to interdisciplinary, applied research, it carries out trainings and continued education in this area. Qualified employees are trained at university level to further strengthen the Swiss location in future technologies and the growing area of digitalisation. ZHAW therefore offers two CAS modules: CAS Digital Commerce and CAS Digital Sales & Marketing in B2B. José Lopez, CEO of JMC Software AG, explains why this is so important: "A company without the intention of digital transformation, without a suitable IT strategy, will not survive in the future" (1) An important part of this digital transformation is currently taking place in retail. Over the past few years, the market has clearly been pointing in one direction: away from traditional retail and towards online retail.

In the E-Commerce Lab, research is not only conducted in sales, but also digital marketing. Both areas work in each other's favour and mutually strengthen each other. Companies are also consulted on the digital economy. Research focuses on omnichannel sales management, sales-related services (virtual consulting, tours, live chat & chatbots, etc.) as well as infrastructures & technologies in e-commerce. To do this, various studies are being carried out as part of the E-Commerce Lab, such as the Online Retailer Survey 2022, in which we participated. You can find the results of this survey here.

JMC Software AG is the perfect research partner for ZHAW because we have many years of experience with different e-commerce platforms and are always looking for new and innovative solutions. We are particularly involved in helping to develop the infrastructure and systems level in the E-Commerce Lab. By doing so, we are making a significant contribution to research in one of the most important markets of the future.

As a high-tech country, Switzerland has a strong interest in playing a leading role in digitalisation. Innovation and new technologies are constantly being developed and advanced. As one of the largest and most renowned universities in the country, ZHAW and its network, is the perfect institution for this.

E-Commerce Lab Framework

ZHAW has developed a framework for online shops. With the help of this tool, shops can be analysed, developed, optimised and even expanded. It serves as a useful tool in the concrete implementation or optimisation of online shops. Here, all relevant elements and aspects are scrutinised. From strategy to individual processes to the technical implementation, this framework serves as the basis for a structured analysis of complex issues in e-commerce. It can be seen as a crucial tool for e-commerce, be it in teaching, research, continued education or consulting within the field of digital commerce. Download the poster of the framework here.

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