A tree for every virtual workplace

Work smart and sustainable - for every new virtual workplace we plant a tree for a greener future! 

JMC is committed to protecting the environment! In partnership with 'One Tree Planted', we plant a tree for every virtual workplace sold. This is an important initiative for reforestation and the protection of our environment.

JMC Virtual Workplace: An innovative solution for efficiency and environmental protection

The JMC Virtual-Workplace is an innovative and flexible IT solution for companies. With customised virtual workplaces, employees can work efficiently and securely from anywhere. The modern IT infrastructure ensures smooth operations and seamless team collaboration. From secure file management to 24/7 support, JMC Virtual-Workplace provides a comprehensive solution for today's working needs. With the option of working on high-performance servers in Swiss data centres, companies have the freedom to increase productivity and improve work process flexibility.

Together with One Tree Planted we are committed to nature. For every virtual workplace, we plant a tree to protect our forests and preserve biodiversity. This action allows us to actively contribute to the restoration and protection of our ecosystems.

Go green with a JMC Virtual Workplace: Planting trees for a sustainable future!

Be part of our commitment to the environment! Choose JMC Virtual-Workplace today and support our reforestation initiative. With every Virtual-Workplace you purchase, together we will plant trees for a greener and healthier world. Make a difference - choose the JMC Virtual Workplace and be part of the movement for nature!

For more information on the JMC Virtual Workplace, click here.

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