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Where do you see the workplace of the future? Is it – as until now – in offices, at the usual workplace, or can you imagine that your employees (and you of course) could work from any site?

«Working from anywhere» has its pitfalls, one could say. There is less control, trust is possibly not completely given, and you would rather have a grip on everything. And that works best when your team is on-site. But you must have already wondered how and where your employees are the most productive? As we are individual people, our methods and work are also individual. Where one person may be the most productive in the office, another might need more "room and open space". Maybe work from home is also performed more quickly? All of this should be investigated, and JMC Virtual Workspace makes that possible.

Through access via a remote desktop from an external site, one can work as if one were in the office. This not only saves workplaces, but it also costs less in administrating, maintaining and patching the IT infrastructure. And that is not the only advantage: the freedom to choose from where one wants to work is satisfying. And satisfied employees are automatically more productive, which benefits you in the end. Efficiency is increased, self-discipline is promoted, and self-management trained.

Through our Cloud terminal servers, in the future you can control all services through a single area. Provide your employees with centrally-installed software packages that can be used independently from the end device.

But what exactly is a virtual workplace?

A virtual workplace is a virtual desktop that is available around the clock and from anywhere (stationary computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.). The only essential condition is Internet access. All the programs necessary for work can be installed on your virtual workplace. We take care of security updates, upgrading the antivirus programs and data security! Your virtual workplace is located on a single, highly modern server in our Swiss computer centre.
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