JMC Virtual Workplace – More important than ever!

The moment when Corona changed everything

When the Federal Council ordered the lockdown in March and most of the economy came to a standstill, much had to be adjusted or even stopped: restaurants were no longer allowed to receive guests, construction sites were closed down and retail was reduced to emergency supplies. Many employees were suddenly not able to work and had to spend their time at home with nothing to do.

Office employees were also affected by the crisis. However, where possible, remote workplaces were implemented – home offices were the key. This change was not always easy for companies, and in many cases could not be implemented overnight: Where possible, computers and screens were taken home, to continue managing the everyday workload without interruption. Lacking material such as headsets, webcams etc. could be purchased online – as long as the stocks held out… So far, so good. The only thing still lacking was the digital access to the company.

Working from home is possible with the right IT partner

The lucky ones were those who could count on a reliable IT partner. Many IT departments were lacking resources to answer the sudden demand. Acquiring and providing the hardware is one thing. Allowing external access to internal servers is another.

Cooperation with an IT partner such as JMC Software AG offers extensive advantages in this case. The ideal combination of our expert team's technical knowledge and the provision of the corresponding software forms a solid basis for working from home without problems. With the JMC Virtual Workplace, accessing a virtual workplace is child's play. No matter where you want to work from, JMC Software AG can make it possible. With our focus on security and data protection, you are also on the safe side with us – we make secure work possible.

We promote home offices and preserve your budget
To ensure the safety of your employees, our aim is to allow as many employees as possible to work from home. That is why we are providing an attractive Corona-special offer in this time of crisis. New clients will receive the migration of their standard workplaces (desktop with Office & e-mail) without cost, to ensure a quick transfer to home offices.
Our highly efficient virtual workplaces will save you money.

Because implementing virtual workspaces – especially in little time – saves long and costly work such as the complex administration, maintenance and patching of your prior IT infrastructure in the office. Now, you can control your services through a user-friendly, intuitive Cloud infrastructure. Your employees thereby benefit from the centrally installed, device-neutral software packets that you will receive from JMC-Service:

  • 24/7 access – secure, encrypted & site-independent.
  • Saving you (fixed) costs – Resources can be shared and allocated if required.
  • Operation, updating & licencing – You will always be as up-to-date as possible.
  • Desktop updating – quick and simple, new servers/clients are ready to operate in no time.
  • Compatible with all operating systems, programs and branch software.
  • Improved data integrity – through centralised backup & data securing.
  • Inexpensive hardware & software updates.
  • Simplified, centralised processes – only one device is now updated
  • Reduced compatibility problems
  • Automatisation of data security / virus protection.
  • Guaranteed, failsafe availability
swiss hosting – a convincing quality label!
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