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Microsoft .NET Framework
JMC has a strong and highly qualified team, which has already intensively dealt with the framework developed by Microsoft and has already used it in many projects. MVC and Rest APIs also belong to our competencies. Various software, web applications, as well as web services and software components were developed using the framework and are still in use today.
Thanks to the in-memory database Redis, which also belongs to the NoSQL database family, scalable performance optimization can be built into any system. The data for the front end can simply be temporarily saved as a fast cache.


Some developers have specialized in the operation and handling as well as the scripting of SQL servers. These specialists develop, manage and support the applications that use a SQL DB in the backend. The project span ranges from a simple one-place solution, to large systems with distributed database farms that can be replicated.

Developments on software based on the following products are supported:
  • Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Server CE
  • mySQL Server
  • other databases


In many projects, XML is used as a tag-oriented meta-language as a universal data exchange medium between data systems and applications.
Using XSLT (transformation scripts) the XML data can be transformed and formated to any final output format. Flexible output formats such as customized text documents or HTML pages can also be produced.

We develop custom-built software tailored to your needs.

Technology - Software - Laptop
Using the agile methodology, we convert your requirements into a profitable solution.

We would be pleased to extensively advise you on advantages and disadvantages, technical conditions and current market conditions.

Technologies & Products

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