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We offer you individual and secure web hosting, cloud hosting, managed and server hosting with maximum availability. And everything to reasonable prices with personal professional service.

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Our tailor-made solutions offer you the latest hardware, software and professional service. With us you can expect a personal service by phone, email and ticket system 365 days a year. We guarantee a failure safety of more than 95% through our 3 central Swiss redundant data centers.

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Important cloud topics (FAQ)

Cloud computing - the digital storage for your individual needs

Cloud computing or data cloud is an Internet-based IT infrastructure that provides computing power, storage space and software applications. In short, cloud computing offers various IT infrastructures that can be accessed online and do not require local installation on the local computer.
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Cloud computing is also your digital solution for efficient working. Virtual working via cloud allows you to have a comfortable and individual working environment, which you can easily design according to your needs. Not only do you get an efficient solution for your IT landscape, you also save costs for the acquisition of IT equipment by switching to cloud computing. Location-independent yet secure working is easily possible with cloud computing and you can let your teamwork from anywhere with a clear conscience. Cloud computing is based on a rental model and can be quickly and easily adapted to changing needs.

Equally scalable and modular, cloud computing sets new standards in your company: Your wishes and requirements can be easily implemented, and you benefit from extremely flexible products and pricing models.

Your added value with cloud computing
  • Extensions can be set up quickly and easily on a modular basis
  • Work independent of location - at any time and without disruptions
  • Your systems and applications are always up to date
  • JMC is your partner for the areas of private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud.

Are you interested in holistic cloud computing consulting for your company? We are your cloud experts and will support you in choosing the right offer for you.

Choose one of our attractive cloud offers:

Private Cloud - the customized cloud environment

The private cloud is a private computing cloud in a cloud environment, which is exclusively provided to and operated by an organization or company. The private cloud hosting as well as the management of this cloud platform takes place either internally in the company's own data centers or with an external provider.
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Always work safely and securely? That's what the private cloud enables you to do.
With the private cloud, you get an internal cloud solution tailored to your company's needs, which can only be used by your company. Equipped with all the amenities of a public cloud, the private cloud offers even more security, control options and customization options. Thanks to a corporate firewall designed with you in mind, the private cloud meets the highest security standards and has an equally high level of data protection security.

How does the private cloud work?
With the ability to define authorized user groups with individual access rights, the private cloud ensures a high level of control and security. Authorized users receive secure access to the company and can work regardless of location. In the private cloud, you "rent" your working environment and benefit from various amenities that make everyday’s work more efficient.

Your added value with the private cloud
  • You benefit from the JMC data center in Switzerland
  • You get multiple access accounts via the Internet
  • We have all certifications to provide you with the highest level of security
  • All data is transmitted securely and encrypted
  • Integration with hybrid and public cloud possible at any time

Want to learn more about the private cloud? Contact us today - we look forward to introducing you to our solutions.

Public Cloud - Here you share the user space

The public cloud is a public computing cloud that provides access to various IT infrastructures and is accessible to a wide public via the web. Various public cloud service providers allow their customers to access it for a fee. Payment is made according to actual use and saves the financing of a computer infrastructure or data center infrastructure.
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Are you looking for a reliable cloud offering that is both cost-effective and secure? Then the public cloud is the solution for you.
The public cloud offers access to comprehensive IT services, which you can use practically, quickly, and easily. The provision of expandable storage space also enables you to work without disruptions and allows you to adjust easily. If you value a quickly implementable solution that enables user-friendly, intuitive, and secure work, our public cloud solutions provide you with the ideal starter package for efficient work.

What is the public cloud?
Public Cloud is a public on-demand solution for companies looking for a convenient cloud-based service. Agility and cost transparency are important decision factors with the Public Cloud and contribute to the success of this popular application. With the Public Cloud, you get a service that optimally covers the needs of individual companies and SMEs.

Your added value thanks to public cloud
  • Intuitive, web-based user interface
  • Clear, demand-driven costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Data protection guarantee

Were we able to convince you of the public cloud? Contact us so that we can explain the advantages of this best solution to you in a personal conversation.

Hybrid Cloud - the clever combination of private cloud and public cloud

The hybrid cloud is a hybrid computing cloud that enables combined access to diverse IT infrastructures and connects the public cloud with the private cloud according to needs. Large cloud providers such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, or AWS can also be connected to a hybrid cloud.
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Do you value the exclusivity of the private cloud solution and want extended flexibility?

With the hybrid cloud, you get the ideal combination of private cloud and public cloud, which enables a secure, flexible, and reliable working environment. Applications can be specifically tailored to individual needs and you benefit from a wide selection of solutions and products. Probably the most convincing advantage of the hybrid cloud lies in its flexibility: This cloud solution enables the combination of the private cloud, the public cloud, and other company-specific applications, so that a unique working environment can be created.

Situations where a hybrid cloud can be used include the following:

  • Big Data processing
  • Dynamic workloads
  • Clean separation of critical and less sensitive workloads
  • Moving to a cloud gradually and at your own pace
  • Flexibility to future solutions
  • Short-term capacity allocation for projects

Are you interested in a hybrid cloud solution? Write to us and we will be happy to get in touch with you promptly and without obligation. We look forward to accompanying you on your way to digitization.

US Cloud Act and Swiss location - we care about your data security

The CLOUD Act (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act) is a US law that regulates the access of US authorities to stored data on the Internet. The law, which has been in force since 2018, obliges U.S. Internet companies and IT service providers to guarantee U.S. authorities access to stored data even if the data is not stored in the United States. In return, non-US companies can gain access to data stored by US companies abroad.
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How secure is your data and do Americans have access to your cloud? What are the options for protecting your data and your IT environment?

Have you also wondered whether your data, which is in the cloud, is secure? Are there security vulnerabilities that allow data access from the U.S.? Since Microsoft has put its two data centers in Switzerland into operation, all Azure services - such as Office365 or Azure Cloud AD are also possible with a Swiss server location - but what about the US Cloud Act?

The Cloud Act is an American law that gives the US authorities unrestricted access to data from American IT cloud providers. The data location is not given any significance here and the authorities are given the green light in the event of any criminal prosecution. However, some passages of the Cloud Act violate Swiss law (e.g. Art. 6 DPA). This creates problems for US cloud providers, because in case of doubt they violate either Swiss law (DSG) or US law (Cloud Act) or even both laws.  

Our advantage: The JMC data center is in Switzerland and is therefore not subject to the Cloud Act. If they use Microsoft, Amazon or Google products and value data protection, have these services hosted in our Swiss data center.

Your added value with the JMC Cloud Workplace 
  • State-of-the-art security solutions
  • Highly qualified and certified security experts
  • Product-independent and vendor-neutral solutions
  • High level of Internet security know-how

Want to learn more about the US Cloud Act and our security solutions? Contact us today and let us advise you, we will find the right solution for you!

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We offer you individual and secure web hosting, cloud hosting, managed and server hosting with maximum availability.


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