JMC aboManager

Easy and central

Subscription Management

Logical and fast

An easy-to-understand software application,which allows a complex and centralized management of card subscriptions of all kinds (annual, seasonal, monthly). This happens in a quick, convenient and professional manner. The application provides a logical and self-explanatory user guide with just a few mouse clicks.

User-friendly administration

The application ensures a complex management of card subscriptions and is self-explanatory and particularly user-friendly in a clear user interface.

Typical Users

Traffic Companys

Car parks

Fitness Studios / Clubs

Theaters / Operas / Cinemas


Schools / Universities

Easy and comfortable

Master Data Collection

  • individual definition of card types (annual, monthly, seasonal, individual)
  • individual definition of card categories (family card, student card, etc.)
  • individual definition of map characteristics (discounting, financial information, tax details, specific characteristics such as duration, automatic extension, combination cards)

Extensive definition of the

Card Performance Description

  • description of the card's performance
  • setting of different prices (depending on the card category and card type)
  • definition of the unit
  • definition of the scope of validity
  • determination of the validity period
  • placing of pictograms for easy visual highlighting



  • overview of the order form
  • entry of map information that is printed on card
  • interface for the address book
  • establish invoice recipients and cardholders independently
  • determination of the payment method
  • payment type "gift" for promotions or promotional activities
  • cancellation function
  • reactivation function for inactive and canceled cards
  • printing function (card, invoice, accompanying letter)
  • search parameters for queryied card data
  • subsequent correction of card holder data
  • card extension
  • billing module with interface to the FiB



  • deposit of several accompanying letters
  • accounting archiving for billing (can be deactivated)
  • subsequent archiving of invoices
  • overview of already booked invoices with detailed view
  • dunning
  • deposition of user-specific card printers
  • capable of having multiple users
  • to MS version of Windows Vista

Customer Voices

A modular software solution that should be adapted to our requirements. Nothing less than that was our demand. With JMC Software we have found a suitable partner who could cover our requirements. We look forward to further cooperation.
Bénédict-School Luzern AG

Ronald Würmli, Head of Department