JMC fuelBilling

Efficient and professional

Billing for Petrol Stations

Quick and comprehensible

An easy-to-understand software application that allows you to efficiently, conveniently and professionally bill your fueling stations. The application provides a logical and self-explanatory user guide with just a few mouse clicks.

Time and cost saving

The application efficiently ensures a complex billing of your tank systems. In a very short time, you can carry out a large number of invoices comfortably. This results in saving a lot of time. The master data acquisition is self-explanatory and particularly user-friendly in a clear user interface.

Typical Users

Companies that operate their own fuel systems (for example, companies that own their own car park).

Easy and comfortable

Master Data Collection

  • deposition of individual invoice layouts
  • definition of accounting positions
  • filing of prices (per variety)
  • filing of financial accounting master data (value-added tax, material accounts, cost items, cost centers, cost types)
  • deposition of payment
  • filing of customer master data (customer and bank information)



  • importation of fuel station data
  • validation of billing data
  • automated invoicing
  • administration management
  • booking details for each type
  • debit management (separate management of payments by bank account)
  • overview of tank data
  • pressure function (single or total pressure)
  • optional: Invoicing module with interface to the FIBu (check, correction Ba)



  • accounting archiving for billing (can be deactivated)
  • subsequent archiving of invoices
  • overview of booked invoices with detailed view
  • overview of booked tank data with detailed view
  • archive for billing
  • infomodul with evaluations on order, branch, cost center and sort level
  • multi-user capacity, can be used from Windows Vista onwards