JMC keyAdmin

Quick and easy

Key Management made easy

Complex requirements

Key management is a complex issue in many companies. Especially when keys are assigned or managed with several groups of claims (internal as well as external), simple, fast and efficient administration is indispensable.

Handwritten logs or even self-made Excel lists are usually only partially helpful.

Easy administration

In order to meet these requirements, we have developed a professional software application for secure and central key management. Our KeyManager is designed to help users and facilitate key management. Our software application is especially distinguished by its user-friendliness, all the important functionalities, and contains various extras.

Thus, the application ensures a permanent control over keys, keybunds of objects, and is self-explanatory and particularly user-friendly in a clear user interface.

Typical Users

Real Estate Agents / Housekeepers

Security Services

City- / Energyplants

Fairs / Museums

Car Rental Tenants

Hospitals / Nursing Homes

Easy and comfortable


  • logical user guidance (self explanatory and with just a few mouse clicks)
  • simple and clear master data management
  • easy handling of the administration of keys and key bindings
  • comfortable key output, key spread and key return, with optional printout of receipts
  • multiple outputs and returns of keys and key bindings can be executed in one operation



  • search function of keys and key bindings
  • extensive provision of additional information (via keys, access points, cylinders)
  • calendar overview of returning keys
  • reservation of keys with calendar connection and reminder function
  • note and listing of late returns (default)
  • historization of expenditure and returns
  • integration of additional information (graphics, building drawings, floor plans or photos for each individual key)
  • collection and administration of special conditions (exchange, destruction, loss, return to owner)
  • digital signature for receipt and return of keys (optional)


Flexibility and Safety

  • password protection (passwords are stored encrypted for each user)
  • switch user function
  • multi-user capable, running from Windows Vista
  • anytime overview of the current whereabouts of keys
  • manufacturer-independent
  • independent and individually applicable for key types