JMC SecureFile Portal

Submit confidential data

safe and professionally

Current market situation

In the current market situation trustees, tax consultants and developers transfer confidential data by email. The acquisition of professional communication solutions costs a lot and affordable solutions do not have the data storage in Switzerland. Current solutions are too extensive and require explanations. Large data must be compressed and decompressed.

Your solution is the JMC SecureFile Portal!

  • no software required
  • no training required
  • look and feel: e.g. dropbox
  • temporary passwords are assigned by the sender
  • automatic reception and opening confirmation
  • revision-proof logging
  • receiver knows who the sender is
  • 100% security against unauthorized access
  • data management in central Switzerland (redundant)
  • realtime communication
  • the portal will appear with your design

Typical Users

Accountants / Tax consultants

Insurance Brokers


Doctors / Hospitals

Development departments

Research departments

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Customer Voices

We have looked for a secure and user-friendly system for communicating among our many organs that are spread across Switzerland. This includes e-mailing, scheduling- and contact management, as well as the encrypted exchange of sensitive documents. The JMC Software portal developed for us represents the optimal solution. The location of JMCs data center in Switzerland also spoke for the company. The cost structure and the solution-oriented support of the JMC System Team makes JMC Software the ideal partner for us.
Association of Swiss Police Officials VSPB

Reto Martinelli, Head of Communications