Shipping Company Management System

More than an

Electronic Logbook

Simplifying work processes

The Rederei Management System (Shipping Company Management System) is a professional operating software, which goes beyond the possibilities of an electronic logbook for passenger ships. It will simplify your work processes with very high transparency in the port and on the ship. This results in high cost savings for you.

core services

  • electronic logbook
  • sales and booking system
  • reporting system / fault messages
  • administration of ships
  • human resources management
  • interfaces to maintenance tools
  • target indicator and point-to-point timetable
  • online and offline availability
  • automatic port synchronization
  • regular updates and application support

Typical Users

Typical users are inland shipping companies.

Transparency in the port

  • mobile maintenance solution
  • management of hazardous substances in use with plants
  • transparent list of hazardous substances with assessment and reference to plant components
  • interface to material system
  • redistribution of maintenance activities
  • online and offline

Use of vessel

  • mobile booklet as an electronic travel book
  • transparent recording of the travel books
  • uniformed documentation of the journeys, stretch data, travel times, special incidents
  • available online and offline
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Staff planning

  • staff planning
  • personnel master data
  • certificates of competency
  • driving license classes
  • maintenance groups assignment
  • available online and offline


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Customer Voices

JMC Software not only covered all current requirements in the project, but the system can also be further expanded upon need. The new software is therefore growing, and is thus a good investment for the future. We especially appreciate the transparency that JMC Software creates. This makes it possible to clearly see which services are provided for which department. It was also important to us, that the employees accept the new system. And that is the case: already during the few months of the test operation the employees were full of praise for the new system. We are looking forward to further expanding the flexible solution of the JMC Software Team.
Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe GmbH

Peter Bode, Project Leader